Uniqueness arises from passion ...

Clean and clear frames are my characteristic feature. Every time I grab the camera, the whole world around me disappeared . When I’m alone with the camera, always we are together trying to tell an individual story starting from the first frame.

I have big experience gained throughout Europe and Poland from 2010. Since 2015 I’m working on Ibiza as event photographer. I feel the best when working in the fashion world and I find myself great on thousands peoples events. My main goal is to take great photos and have fun. I want each session to be an uniqual experience shared with each of you.

My skills...


I find myself perfectly at work with models, catching every detail.


Shooting mass events is my greatest passion with which I forget about the whole world!


A unique event deserves a unique setting – every moment is special!


All the time my skills grow, while editing to get the most out of each frame.

Why is it worth choosing?


Every client, event, wedding is different, therefore I try to go beyond the schemes, putting all of them on quality and professionalism.


I have already taken my first steps behind me, then I can focus on capturing special moments.


I use the best equipment and everything to get the most out of all the details and emotions!

Ochrona własności. Funkcje prawego przycisku myszy są wyłączone.